new Calendar Snooze version

I am currently rebuilding Calendar Snooze from the ground up (why?). This is a lot of work, but it also provides the possibility to implement some features that have been frequently requested, but which were not possible to implement in the old Calendar Snooze system. Below is a list of features I am currently planning on implementing in the new version. Please be aware that I cannot guarantee that any of these features will actually make it to the final version, but that I'm trying to implement as much of these as possible.

features I want to implement in the new version: 
  - IOS version of the app
  - reminder syncing on multiple devices
  - Calendar Snooze account system (for cloud storage of reminders, settings, and to enable syncing between devices)
  - single reminders (for quick reminders, so you don't have to set up an event in your calendar)
  - notifications over email/WhatsApp
  - more customization
  - a more user-friendly UI (especially in the settings)
  - and a lot of small new features

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