Calendar Snooze license transfer guide

Welcome to the Calendar Snooze license transfer guide.
In this article, we are going to transfer our license from an old license (key app) to a new license (in-app). If at any point in the guide you have a question, you can always contact us by Email( or Whatsapp(+31657790468).

The guide consists of 2 main steps: 
- Requesting a conversion code
- Redeeming your conversion code

The conversion code used in this guide is not a functional code, it is only used to give you an idea of what your code might look like.

To use In-App purchases, your Calendar Snooze version must be at least 3.1.0 (337).

Requesting a conversion code

To request a conversion code, open up the Calendar Snooze app. Make sure that the key app is still installed on your device, otherwise the option will disappear.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the snoozed reminders screen, and click on settings. Now head over to Advanced Settings, scroll all the way down, and click on Convert to In-App purchases.

In the window that pops up, you will be asked to fill in your email address. Please make sure you enter the email address which is connected to the play store account on which you have bought the key app. Now click ok to open up the next window.

Calendar Snooze will now send a confirmation code to the email address you entered. It might take a few minutes for the mail servers to transport the message. 

If you have received the email, you can copy the 6-digit confirmation code in the email, and paste this into the text field in the 'Confirm Email' popup. Now click ok to confirm your email address.

If the codes matched, your request will be sent to our team. A member of our team will review your request, and make sure that you have indeed bought the key app on the email address you entered. You should now receive an email confirming that your request has made its way to our team . If you have still not received this email after a few hours, please try again, or contact us directly.

After you have successfully requested your conversion code, a member of our team will review your request, and will either:

- Grant the request, and give you a conversion code


- Reject your request, and provide a reason why the request was rejected

If your request was rejected, and you disagree with the provided reason, you can contact us directly, and we will take a second look at the request. 
If your request was granted, you can move on to the next step:

Redeeming your conversion code

The email you received contains a In-App coupon code, with an expiry date. 
Please make sure to redeem the code before the expiry date, otherwise the code will be deactivated!

First, open up the received email on your phone or tablet, and click the 'this link' link. 

The link should open the play store app and show you a popup like this:

If the link doesn't open the play store correctly, you can manually do this by:
- copying the conversion code from the email
- opening the play store app
- tapping the three stripe icon in the top left corner
- clicking the 'Redeem' option
- pasting the conversion code into the popup
- clicking 'Redeem'

Now click 'add item' to redeem your code. If you still have the key app installed, you can now uninstall it.

When you have successfully redeemed your code, you may have to reboot your device for the changes to apply. If you have rebooted the device and after 1 hour Calendar Snooze is still on the free version, please contact us directly. 

Now, we have converted your key license to an In-App license. Enjoy!

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