How to use Calendar Snooze.

Just a quick walk-through.

First of all , remember that Calendar Snooze does NOT replace your calendar app (either stock or third party).
It's main part shows itself when a calendar reminder pops up.

Calendar Snooze has two parts:

The calendar snooze app shown in the app drawer and/or your homescreen.
If this is started it shows all snoozed reminders, so only reminders snoozed with calendar snooze show up in this list.

This is mainly used to change or remove reminders you snoozed with calendar snooze.

All other events/reminders can be accessed as normal with your calendar app.

The reminder screen.
This pops up when a reminder (set with your calendar app) fires.

In this screen you can choose to :
Snooze the event to a later time, the reminder will pop up again at that time.
Dismiss the event, and not be reminded again.

To try calendar snooze , do the following :

- Open your calendar app , and add an event WITH a reminder set. (e.g. event start now , with a reminder 10 minutes before)
(you can setup your calendar to add reminders by default in the settings menu for your calendar app)

- Wait for the reminder to fire.

- That's it should show you the calendar snooze reminder screen with all snooze and dismiss options.

Try to open the Calendar Snooze app from the app drawer, and enter the settings menu.
There are a lot of settings, so that you can customize the app to your personal preferences.

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