Transferring license to a new phone.

For Play store buyers.

Your license is tied to your google account used to purchase it.

If you setup your new phone with the same google account you can install the calendar snooze key app for free from the play store.
Just look it up and press INSTALL
(If buy is showed instead of install , make sure that u use the same account as purchasing. Select Menu->Accounts to check)

If you did use a other account as the main account for setting up your phone : 
- Start play store app
- Select menu - accounts - add account.
- Add your old (purchasing)  account.
You should now be able to look the key app up , and install it for free.

For non-Playstore buyers.

The Calendar Snooze paypal activation system is no longer available (version 3.0+).

If you have a new phone, please contact me at:

And provide me with your old phone serial/imei. Then i will activate the key on your Google Play account.

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